Neighbourhood Watch

Although the villages are quiet and generally crime-free, we’ve set up an active network of Neighbourhood Watch volunteers. Between them, they regularly alert the people in the villages about local events that could affect what has up to now, been an area of very low levels of criminal activity.

Our ever vigilant team are always looking for volunteers so if you are interested please contact the names below.

For Tredington we have Richard Chatham looking after matters and for Stoke Orchard Graham Mudway is working with villagers to do all he can to make sure residents are paying appropriate attention to a low crime rate in the community.

Here are some basic tips from our team

1) Any suspicious vehicles seen in the area please let them know and they in turn, will pass the information on to all numbers and email addresses that are being held
2) Please forward your preferred contact arrangement to the Neighbourhood Watch Team ASAP
3) Any ideas or advice that may help to make our villages safer please let them now and we can all work together to ensure our Parish remains a low crime area.